History of Luminaria

Two thosand years ago a great battle was fought across the world. The combatants were the Gods themselves, The great Goddess of Light, and Daitaro the God of Darkness. After a long fight the Goddess was forced to destroy Daitaro in order to save her people. Her magics cause him to burst into flames, and his ashes to be scattered by the winds.

Once he was gone the Goddess fell to her knees and wept. From the heavens great crystalline tears fell like rain for a year and a day, for you see Daitaro was of her flesh. Her servants dared not to disturb her as she grieved, but with each passing day she pulled furthur and further away from her people. Her servant tried to comfort her but to no avail. Her servants were afraid what would happen when she was told that it was one of them who had betrayed her to Daitaro.

Her servants could only watch as the world below began to become dark with an unnatural mist that began to seep it’s way across the world. As the light of the Goddess was fading the darkness began to move in, like the setting of a sun. With the hope that if the Goddess knew what was happening to her people she would come out of her depression, one of her faithful servants told her of the betrayal. This angered the Goddess because it couldn’t be true. She banished her servant by making her mortal, and sending her to the world below. When other servants tried as well they too were banished, until only one was left. With each banishment the Goddess found herself becoming more and more weak.

As she lay on the ground very weak, the last servant approached her. He knelt and told her the truth. He had been the one to tell Daitaro of her weaknesses. He had been the one to raise Daitaro again. He had been the one to betray her, just as he felt she had betrayed him. Though very weak the Goddess managed to strike out and curse him. He too fell to the world below, with his powers stripped from him.

The confirmation of his betrayal was the final straw for her. Her heart shattered in grief. Shards of it fell to the world below, as the Goddess fell into a deep sleep. It is said she will awaken once her powers are restored.

History of Luminaria

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