Shards of the Goddess

They are large crystals that put off light like the light spell, and generates a circle of divine protection from evil. The magic of the shard comes from the prayers of worshipers, and the Tears of the Goddess. Every unit of energy is 4 weeks of power for the crystal. Power can be conserved by decreasing the size of the circle. For every mile the circle is constricted, an additional week of power can be used.

Worshiper’s prayers generate 1 unit per 336 hours of prayer. Cleric’s hours count for 2 hrs.

If a non cleric touches a shard a curse is automatically cast upon them. DC 20 will save or take -6 to either WIS, INT, and CHA. Damage will be deal each round until it is no longer touched. If WIS,INT,or CHA reach 0, roll on insanity chart.

If you make the save, for1 D4 rounds the player takes on the confused condition.

Shards of the Goddess

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