Tears of the Goddess

The tears are tear drop shaped hollow crystals, that have a glowing divine fluid with in them. That fluid is what gives the shards their power.

DC5 Will save if a female cleric touches

Any non clerics, or males have to make the check every 5 rounds if they are touching it
DC10 Will save if a female non-cleric touches
DC15 Will save if a male cleric touches
DC 20 Will save if a male non-cleric touches

If fail, take 1D4 ability damage to INT, WIS, or CHA. If score goes to 0, roll on the insanity chart for type of insanity. It’s possible to suffer from multiple forms of insanity. If you become afflicted with a form of insanity you are already suffering from, the current DC of that insanity increases by +5.

If fail greater than 10, take 1D6 ability damage.

Tears of the Goddess

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